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About us

We are a family company that has grown hazelnuts since 1908 in Giresun. Our factory has a capacity of 5000 tons and exports worldwide today.


We change the hazelnut market by delivering directly from our own groves, directly from the farmer. We only grow Giresun hazelnuts of the highest quality. We use added value to improve agriculture in Turkey and create job opportunities in Sweden.

Our History

We have our roots in a city on the Black Sea coast in Turkey: Giresun. The family has grown hazelnuts in the district of Bulancak since 1908.


Omer Gundogdu (the family's "grandfather") was the one who thought one day about delivering hazelnuts from the family's own groves to the whole world.

In 1949 Omer started a factory and an export company with the name "Gundogdu Ltd". During the 80's, the company became one of the biggest producers and the exporters in Giresun.

Avella is a descendent of Gundogdu Ltd., and today supplies a large proportion of its 5000 tons hazelnuts in international markets.

Now we deliver our hazelnuts in the Nordic market, and connect our two homelands.

Our passion

The whole family has grown up with hazelnuts for generations. There is nobody who knows more about hazelnuts than the family's grandmother Nafiye. She is 89 years old and still takes care of the hazelnut groves like children.

Every morning she wakes at 5 o'clock to walk to the grove. She cleans the unwanted grass around the hazelnut trees, removes unhealthy branches and makes sure the trees get enough cow manure to grow the best hazelnuts.


In the hazelnut groves, she grows everything from corn to eggplant, tomato, cucumber, beans and various fruits. Then she takes home what she needs for breakfast.

The funniest childhood memories we have are from when we spent the night in tents besides drying hazelnuts on the mountains during the harvest season. We drank Turkish tea, roasted hazelnuts on open fire and scared the pigeons and the wild boar. For us, Giresun hazelnuts are nature's gold.


We want to change trade in hazelnut trade in the Nordics with our business model: "directly from own groves, directly from the factory" where we deliver better quality with better prices. The added value is invested in improving agriculture in Turkey for more sustainable agriculture, and creating more jobs.

We want our customers to experience the hazelnuts. All our customers are welcome to Giresun during the harvest season, where we pick, dry and pack the nuts with together with the farmers, and experience the traditions behind the origins of the hazelnut.


All our nuts come from our own groves, one of them is the small village called "Arifli". It is located on a high mountain in Bulancak at about 300m altitude. All our nuts can be traced to the area

they were grown on.


Do you want to see where our city is located?  Check out the map!

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