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Våra Produkter

Vi levererar en råvara: Giresun hasselnötter från våra lundar i Bulancak. Våra kunder är bagerier, konditorier, kaféer, grossister, stora fabriker och mer. Idag har vi en kapacitet på 300 ton. Vi levererar nötter med skal, naturella eller rostade kärnor i olika storlekar, och bara Giresun hasselnötter.

Our Products

We deliver only one ingredient: Giresun hazelnuts from our groves in Bulancak. Our customers are bakeries, pastries, cafes, wholesalers, large factories and more. We supply nuts in shell, natural, roasted or chopped kernels of different sizes, hazelnutflour and more. Always the highest quality.


We have very strict rules about food safety. We deliver today in the international market and are ISO 9002 and ISO/FSSC 22000 certified. We test all hazelnuts we pick or receive according to our own internal procedures as well as multiple ISO specifications on foreign material and microbiological testing. 



We are ISO/FSSC 22000 and ISO 9002 certified.

We perform FFA tests, physical analyses and sieve analyses constantly on raw hazelnuts. Natural hazelnuts are purchased in accordance with the

T.S. - 1917 standards.

We strictly register the quality and test results of hazelnuts delivered by each farmer. The records are continuously updated and evaluated.

Each hazelnut lot is sampled and the hazelnuts failing

the tests are immediately sent back.

Hazelnuts passing the tests within EU-regulations and specifications are stored in our warehouses.


Multiple measures are taken to grant ultimate protection againts insects such as pallet types and ventilation control.

Continuous control of packaging materials on cleanness, strength, integrity, printing details and sizes is performed. We also keep packaging supplier records.

Pest Control

We follow the corrective and preventive actions recommended by international standards and the Directorate of Plant Protection. We keep control registers with the evaluation reports and signatures

of authorities. In addition, we use sticky traps and electrical insect catchers, and keep and analyze

their records as well.



Very strict hygene procuders in the factory are valid for all employees, visitor and external personnel. 


All the persons within the designated production areas with decontamination mats are obliged to wear galoshes, bonnets and disinfection mats.

For every  department, hygene control cards are regularly kept for daily cleaning activities. In addition, control cards for maintenance and cleaning are kept on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

product 1

Hazelnuts in Shell

Delivered in sacks or buckets

10kg, 25kg, 50kg or 800kg

Natural Hazelnut Kernels

9-11 mm

10-12 mm

12-14 mm

13-15 mm

Delivered in

10kg or 25kg vacuum bags in cardboxes

or 80kg sacks

Roasted Hazelnut Kernels


3% or 1.5% moisture

9-11 mm

10-12 mm

12-14 mm

13-15 mm


Delivered in vacuum bags in cardboxes

10kg or 25kg

Chopped Hazelnut Kernels

Natural or Roasted








Delivered in vacuum bags in cardboxes

10kg eller 25kg

Hazelnut flour


Available in natural, blanched or roasted.



Delivered in vacuum bags in cardboxes

10kg or 25kg

Sliced Hazelnuts


Natural or Roasted



Delivered in vacuum bags in cardboxes

10kg or 25kg

Other products

We also have hazelnut paste in different roast levels.

We also have hazelnuts oil och shell

Please contact us for more information.



All our nuts come from our own groves, one of them is the small village called "Arifli". It is located on a high mountain in Bulancak at about 300m altitude. All our nuts can be traced to the area

they were grown on.


Do you want to see where our city is located?  Check out the map!

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